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Episode 142: “Merry New Year!”

We continue Christmas related gaming in this episode, starting off with a playing of the AVGN “How the Nerd Stole Christmas” video for good measure.  Then we play “How the Saints Save Christmas” the new Saints Row IV DLC.  After that we play some more Arkham Origins where I seemingly forget how to play and do rather badly cursing the heavens in futility.  Well not exactly.  But it was fun!

Also, it’s our last show before New Years!  Happy New Year!  Enjoy!

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Episode 20: The Tripple A Christmas Spectacular!

Great show!  Almost four and a half hours long!  Did a whole bunch of Christmas related things, listing them all would take too long!

I’m joined by Arfy and Alex this time so we dub the episode The Tripple A Christmas Spectacular!

Only a few mishaps in this one, at one point I don’t realize that my Instant Messenger sounds are going across the show, which causes some confusion and humor.  The sound cards failed me only once so I proceed to curse, scream, and complain then eventually restart the stream.

Overall a very fun show!

Enjoy, and  Merry Christmas!

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PS: You’re probably wondering what happened to the missing episodes… I realize I’ve skipped a few episodes in the archive here, and as usual, I apologize for that.  I may post the lost episodes at a later time, unfortunately they are all compromised in one way or another at this time.

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