Qmidiroute patched for some GS use

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Re: Qmidiroute patched for some GS use

Post by jaffa225man » Wed Sep 28, 2022 11:36 pm

I have a new release today and I have decided to increment the version to 0.5.3 at last:
(151.32 KiB) Downloaded 38 times

The build instructions at viewtopic.php?f=4&t=17790#p18511 are still good to follow except for the obvious version number you'd need to substitute in each command that has it.

Darry on this vogons post piqued my interest in adding RA-50->"MT-32 (new)" support with an option to expand All Notes Off messages into the component Note Off messages that would be needed: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=1099519#p1099519.

That option diverges from the previous .qmr save format again (the first line needs an extra number separated by a space), but I've updated all my previously included released .qmr's for that too. The Unmatched rule/tab has a new check box to enable the expansion of the All Note Off messages.

In addition to the edits for that purpose, I updated the capital tone fallback in any files that had it to more accurately sub-tone fallback, with what I consider minor improvements:

I set up capital tone (variation 0) fallback for programs 1-120 on variations 64-126, and capital tone fallback for programs 121-127 on every unmatched variation because I wouldn't want silence for anything, although the SC-55 manual documenting it indicates they should be. The one exception, useful for some SC-8850 songs is that program 123, variation 6, which is "Wind 2" on the SC-88Pro and up, falls back to variation 3 ("Wind") instead of its true capital tone fallback of "Seashore". Sub-tone fallback is now used, where these sub-tone variation multiples of 8 exist, for every unmatched variation on programs 1-120.

Also, drum programs 65-127 fallback to STANDARD (pc#1) to emulate my likely valid CM-500's drum fallback. Anyway, again, I wouldn't want silence for anything. :)

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