Larry 5 and CM-32L

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Re: Larry 5 and CM-32L

Post by jaffa225man » Sat Aug 18, 2018 3:26 am

I finally got around to contacting NewRisingSun on vogons, and this was the above-and-beyond response:
It's not a question of the driver, but of the 1.PAT resource. It contains 256 bytes of data for the "Setup Temp Area (rhythm part)", address 03 01 00. When Sierra created the data for that file, they meant to modify some drum instruments on the lower drum keys and keep the defaults on the higher drum keys, which are empty on the MT-32. Since the LAPC-I/CM-32L uses the higher drum keys for sound effects, sending the MT-32 defaults for those keys, which are embedded in 1.PAT, effectively disables the sound effects. Attached 1.PAT file, to be put in the LSL5 directory, replaces the MT-32 default values for the higher drum keys with CM-32L default values, making the sound effects audible.
And, as was suggested, putting the 1.pat file in the C:\Sierra\LSL5 directory (or anyway your top level game install directory) works great, as I now can hear Wind Chimes which I'm sure weren't there before (possibly the Car-Pass too, but that may have already played)! (Laughter did, and still does, play.) I never really played the game before now, but to my uninitiated ear, the sound effects seem perfectly well suited, in-game.

We agreed I should post the findings here, so... Enjoy!
And don't forget the solution, NRS' modified 1.pat:

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