Sierra Soundtracks Volume Three was the third and final compilation CD created for Quest Studios members in 1999. The music contained in these tracks are a combination of MT-32 and Sound Canvas SC-55 recordings. You’ll find that many of these song files have since been updated and further enhanced, and are available elsewhere on this website. The songs on this page are presented primarily for nostalgic reasons.

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Download OGG The Larry Theme (Where’s Dildo) – by Al Lowe & Mark Seibert – Leisure Suit Larry Love For Sail
Download OGG The Colonel – by Ken Allen – The Colonel’s Bequest
Download OGG Camelot Closing Theme – by Mark Seibert – Conquests Of Camelot
Download OGG Ballade Of Freddy Pharkas – by Al Lowe & Aubrey Hodges – Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist
Download OGG Half-Life Closing Credits – by Kelly Bailey – Half-Life
Download OGG St. George Book Shop – by Robert Holmes – Gabriel Knight Sins Of The Fathers
Download OGG The Disco – by Chris Brayman – Leisure Suit Larry 1
Download OGG Silpheed Closing Theme – by Game Arts of Japan – Silpheed
Download OGG Spider – by Don Latarski & Christopher Stevens – Willy Beamish
Download OGG Stacy’s Song – by Mark Seibert – Code-name: Iceman
Download OGG King’s Quest 6 Medley – by Chris Brayman – King’s Quest 6
Download OGG King’s Quest 1 Closing Themes – by Ken Allen – King’s Quest 1
Download OGG Space Quest 3 Medley – by Bob Siebenberg – Space Quest 3
Download OGG Cetus/Toxic Waste Dump – by Chris Brayman – Eco Quest 1
Download OGG Hero’s Quest 1 Closing Theme – by Mark Seibert – Hero’s Quest 1
Download OGG 8-Rear – by Christopher Stevens & Tim Clarke – Space Quest 6
Download OGG Iceman! – by Mark Seibert – Code-name: Iceman
Download OGG The Death Of Dr. Carrington – by Chris Brayman – Dagger Of Amon Ra
Download OGG Old Nugget Saloon & The Accident – by Jan Hammer – Police Quest 3

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