The Roland MT-32 Sound Module.  Ready to play Space Quest!  INSERT BUCKAZOID

Here we have a collection of documents and information for the MT-32, LAPC-1, CM-32L, MT-100, and CM-64 and compatibles. We’re always looking for more to add to this library, so drop us a line if you know of any!

MT-32 Owner’s Manual

The complete 32-page manual for the Roland MT-32 Sound Module in Adobe PDF format. Includes MIDI Implementation and default sound mapping chart.

LAPC-I Owner’s Manual An extensive guide, including MIDI Implementation, default sound mapping chart, basic operating instructions, etc. for the Roland LAPC-I sound card.
“Real World Interfaces” Modification Documentation The complete documentation that came with my (Andrew’s) modified “Real World Interfaces” Roland MT-32.
Patch Banks: How To… Want to use patch banks on your MT-32 but find it somewhat confusing? This text will probably confuse you even more, but who knows….it may answer some questions as well. Oh, and click here for an empty template to use when writing down timbres in your newly created patch banks.