Eric Wing wrote a great article for QuestStudios on The History of PC Game MIDI many years ago…

Today, he has created a new multi-part video retrospective/review, if you will, explaining why we loved Sierra games.  I feel many of the points, or flaws of modern games he brings to light are valid not just from the perspective of Sierra games or even Adventure Games, but Video Games today in general.

Here are some teasers:

A word from Eric:

As you will see (hear) in the review, the music of Sierra was a really important thing to me, and one thing that helped inspire and shape this review. Quest Studios had always been my reliable goto resource for when I needed access to Sierra music (midi’s and recordings). I’m proud of my tiny contributions to Quest Studios to preserve the music of Sierra, though I admit it was also somewhat self-serving that it would allow me to draw upon their archive when I needed it.

So how ironic that on the eve of the King’s Quest reboot, Quest Studios decided to shut its doors. At the time I needed them the most, they weren’t there. I did have a lot of things archived, but I was also missing a lot of things. And this being one of my largest, most ambitious projects, I needed to review a lot of material to design the ultimate video.

So I just want to say how wonderful it is that Andrew Luciano has taken the reins to save and preserve Quest Studios and continue making this amazing resource available.

~Eric Wing


You can check out the full video below: