• Q. How do you ‘rip’ the music from these games?

    This is the most frequently asked question! Most of the Sierra MIDI files on this site have been recorded (not ‘ripped’) from the games. Anyone can record the MIDI data from software games provided the following applies: It must be MIDI music; you must have either two MIDI ports (one for playback, and one for recording), or have a hardware sequencer connected to your MIDI port’s MIDI OUT. A third alternative is to use a MIDI ‘loopback driver’ under Windows, though the results are sometimes less than perfect. Keep in mind that when recording MT-32 soundtracks from most Sierra games, you have to also capture the System Exclusive patch bank which contains all the new instrument sounds for proper playback.

    Many of the MP3 and Ogg (digital audio) files have been provided by Sierra On-Line. I only post those that Sierra (Vivendi Universal, Inc.) allows. Others have been created from original MIDI data obtained from various sources. One only needs a sound card to record the digital output from a game. You can play the game in one Windows box while recording in another, or output the source to another sound card’s LINE IN connection. There are also a couple of software ‘audio extraction’ programs available for this, GAP (Game Audio Player) being the most popular.

  • Q. Can you please send me all (or some of) your music files via email?

    No. It would be too time consuming to personally email files to all who request them. This is why I maintain a web site; so YOU can download the MIDI files you desire.

  • Q. Can I post some of your Sierra Soundtrack files on my site?

    I’m often asked to grant permission to post Sierra’s copyrighted material on other web sites. Unfortunately, since Quest Studios does not own the copyright to these scores, we can’t grant permission. Those having permission are welcome to use these soundtracks provided the following conditions are met:

      – The contents of the ZIP files, or integrity of digital files are not altered in any manner.    
      – Notice of the SOURCE  (Quest Studios – www.QuestStudios.com) is provided with the soundtrack(s).
      – Notice of the copyright owner (Sierra Entertainment, Inc.) and composer is provided with the soundtrack(s).

  • Q. I’ve noticed a lot of soundtracks on “THE LIST” that are not posted on your web pages. How can I get these files?

    The files on the lists are soundtracks that have been successfully recorded and may be edited into individual MIDI files. Files aren’t posted until they’re first ‘cleaned up.’ Once completed, several new soundtrack files are posted regularly for downloading. You’ll find a “NEW SOUNDTRACKS” listing on the “WHAT’S NEW” page – which is updated as new files are posted.

  • Q. Do you take requests?

    Yes. I try to meet as many as possible, but there’s so many that it’s quite difficult to grant them all. Currently, I try to post files which are requested most often. It is best to post your requests on the Quest Studios Message Board so that others will see it and may be able to fill the request quicker.

  • Q. Why don’t you have any MIDI music posted from . . . ?

    I record the soundtracks from every “MIDI-supported” Sierra game in my library. Unfortunately, I don’t have EVERY Sierra title that supports MIDI, but I’m working on it! Some games like “GABRIAL KNIGHT 2” don’t contain MIDI soundtracks. They are digital audio recordings and may turn up on the MP3 page.

    Another reason for not recording music from some games may be the lack of full scores. For instance, “KING’S QUEST 4” contains dozens of short, looping themes which would be tedious to record and post. I usually look for themes that contain some substance and are at least 30 seconds in length. Of course, exceptions are made from time to time.

  • Q. Some of the MIDI files sound terrible on my sound card. Why is this?

    There are a variety of MIDI file types available for download. Some are designed for specific sound cards and will not perform well on cards it wasn’t designed for. Complete details as to how to determine which files are best suited for your MIDI device can be found on the “ABOUT OUR MIDI FILES…” page.

  • Q. Does Sierra know you’re distributing their copyrighted music?

    No…please don’t tell them. Okay, I lied. They do know. Actually, Sierra has helped supply a number of hard to find games so that I could record the soundtracks from them! They don’t want to see some of the great music from these games slip into obscurity…and neither do I! So the truth is that Sierra not only knows about this site, but also has endorsed and supported my efforts in maintaining it!

             If you have any other questions, please feel free to write!