The Roland MT-32 Sound Module.  Ready to play Space Quest!  INSERT BUCKAZOID

Here we have a collection of Patch Banks in SYX format for the MT-32, LAPC-1, CM-32L, MT-100, and CM-64. We’re always looking for more to add to this library, so drop us a line if you know of any!

We do not endorse nor support any of the programs or utilities found on this page. We are only providing a means in which you may obtain them.


A companion to the “Patch Banks — How To” tutorial found on the MT-32 Documents page.

SIERRA MT-32 PATCH BANK COLLECTION An extensive collection of System Exclusive patch banks from dozens of Sierra On-Line games. These are great for mixing and editing into your own custom patch banks.
MT-32 Default Sounds Two patch banks containing the 128 default MT-32 timbres.