The glowing endorsements of the website often came from none other than the developers of Sierra’s games themselves!

  • “Quest Studios is a marvelous site and a tremendous service to the music community. You and Dianne have done a splendid job with it! … Thank you so much for all your great efforts.”

    All the best,
    Rudy Helm
    Composer, Quest For Glory 3
    Senior Audio and Music Producer

  • “Fantastic job on the site. It’s been years since I’ve heard some of the compositions you have available…”

    Aubrey Hodges,
    Composer, Quest For Glory 4, Robin Hood, etc.
    Music Development Manager,
    Midway Home Entertainment, Inc

  • “Amazing! I came across your site, and you have music from Gabriel Knight that I had totally forgotten I’d written! This is a great site! Thanks so much for helping to keep the hard work of the many fine Sierra Composers alive and out there!”

    Best Wishes,
    Robert Holmes
    Composer, Gabriel Knight Series

  • “Thanks for maintaining such an outstanding site. There are a lot of composers here at Sierra that really appreciate that.”

    David Henry,
    Composer, Sound Designer, Saxophone, EWI
    Sierra On-Line, Inc.

  • “This site is FANTASTIC, and those of us here at Sierra stop in regularly to see what Tom is up to! If you have any interest in the wonderful music which has gone into your favorite games, this is definitely the site to visit.”

    Cindy Vanous,
    Game Writer/Editor
    Sierra On-Line, Inc.

  • “…if you’re interested in what I have, you should see what’s available on the Quest Studios website. They have an amazing collection of Sierra music from all titles. Two of my favorites were the Passionate Patti page.”

    “While you might think that Sierra’s vast labyrinthian archives would contain every smidgen of every game they ever published, you would be dead wrong. In fact, I had to obtain these from Roland MT-32 Sound Module Resource Center.”

    Al Lowe,
    Leisure Suit Larry/Freddy Pharkus Game
    Sierra On-Line, Inc.

  • “…your website is great!!!”

    Mark Seibert,
    Music Producer/Designer/Composer
    Sierra On-Line, Inc.