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Episode 33: Cursed Islands and the Human Response! Part 5

We finally beat The Curse of Monkey Island!  Fun show, after we beat the game we just mess around with the synths/recordings for a while.  Enjoy!

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GS Reset

Need to reset your GS compatible MIDI device?  Use this simple midi file to do it the easy way!  Just download and play it in Windows Media Player or your favorite SYSEX COMPATIBLE MIDI file player and you should be all set!

GS RESET (you might want to “Save Target as…”)

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Archive delays

Just thoght I’d post something. I know I’ve got a couple archives to post here. Things are busy lately just have not had time yet to process them. Also I think I accidentally stoped broadcasting early the other night without realizing it! DOH, so that archive will be cut short… 🙁

Anyway, stay tuned…