Great show!  Almost four and a half hours long!  Did a whole bunch of Christmas related things, listing them all would take too long!

I’m joined by Arfy and Alex this time so we dub the episode The Tripple A Christmas Spectacular!

Only a few mishaps in this one, at one point I don’t realize that my Instant Messenger sounds are going across the show, which causes some confusion and humor.  The sound cards failed me only once so I proceed to curse, scream, and complain then eventually restart the stream.

Overall a very fun show!

Enjoy, and  Merry Christmas!

Download the MP3!

PS: You’re probably wondering what happened to the missing episodes… I realize I’ve skipped a few episodes in the archive here, and as usual, I apologize for that.  I may post the lost episodes at a later time, unfortunately they are all compromised in one way or another at this time.

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