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Episode #7: No Clever Name Here!

Our longest show yet!  Three Hours!  We started with some funny stuff, NES DPCM converted recordings.  We played around with the Roland PMA-5 which was a lot of fun.  We had a fair amount of guests show up on TeamTalk which was really cool.

Though there were a couple hiccups, involving TeamTalk, when some idiots that didn’t know how to configure their computers connected, causing some annoying noise.  We muted and kicked them.  Then again, when TeamTalk crashed for a few people, myself included.

All in all, it was a very fun show.  Enjoy!

Download the MP3!

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Episode #6: Random MIDI Randomness!

 This was a fun but somewhat random show.  Chris, Arfy, and I pretty much played whatever tickled our fancy and chatted.  The main synopsis of this show is that it is very difficult to host a show AND try to remix a song at the same time, at least for me.  :)

Also, I apologize for our mic’s being a bit hot in this show.  Apparently I accidentally turned them up on the recording mixer.  Anyway, enjoy!


Download the MP3!

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Episode #5: MIDI Remix Scramble!

 This was another pretty fun show.  The original idea was to remix a song or two on the show, but we all got sidetracked.  We did play a fair amount of different video game music remixes throughout the show however.

We had a few extra guests this time.  A couple of our guests had some considerable ambient noise, so you’ll have to excuse that.  :)

A little over an hour in, my computer crashed (around 68 minutes), stopping the show for a few minutes.  There is some conversation while we were not streaming where I frustratingly curse at the computer and my streaming software that I decided to leave in for your own personal amusement.

Also, worth noting, during the time I am trying to restart the stream, listen to how the universe aligned and made the music I was playing change verses and tone in sync with what we were talking about!  I thought that was pretty funny!

Anyway, not quite as tight of a show as last episode, but it sure was a lot of fun!

Special thanks to Arfy, Chris, Alex, Venison, and Miriam for joining in!


Download the MP3!

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Don’t forget to vote for the next show!

Hey people!  Make sure you vote on our polls for the next show!  :)

Episode 4: The Last Crusade of the Magical Monkeys!

What do you get when you play, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, The Legend of Kyrandia, and Monkey Island 2?  Why, The Last Crusade of the Magical Monkeys of coarse!  It’s a nice Roland MT-32 showcase.

A very special thanks goes out to Arfy, co-hosting the show with me on this episode!

This is probably my most fun show yet!  I mess about playing through the beginnings of the games listed above.  Arfy and I talk about whatever comes to mind about the games, and things in general.

I also attempt to narrate what’s going on in the games.  For the record, I want to add that when I’m reading some of the dialog slowly, it’s because the words on the screen are appearing too slow for me to read fluently aloud.

I also added a good minute of post-show conversation between Arfy and I and a random Yamaha XG song he asked me to record on my MU128 a while ago.


Download the MP3!

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