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Episode 15: Absence Makes the Show Grow Longer!

Fun show!  We ran for about 3.7 hours!  Played the Complete King’s Quest 5 MT-32 soundtrack, and had a bunch of people join in on TeamTalk this week as well as a few other fun surprises!

You are probably wondering why we skipped to episode 15… Due to some unfortunate technical problems, I was unable to record the last couple shows. 

That seems to mostly be fixed.  Though the last little bit of this show displayed the same problem that I just can’t seem to shake off.  Maybe it’s time to upgrade to something better than the Delta 1010’s?  For the most part the podcast recorded great, except for like the last 10 minutes where it went a bit static.

Anyway, enjoy!

Download the MP3:  Episode 15: Absence Makes the Show Grow Longer!

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A Brief Status Update

Due to various technical issues, my work-schedule, and personal commitments, which I don’t feel like going into, I have been unable to properly record the show for the last few episodes.  I apologize for this.

Have no fear though!  There are still plenty MIDI Music Adventure Show’s to come. So, stay tuned!