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Episode 116: Powerhouse + Minecraft = Chicken Egg Machine Guns!

We’re back!  A few weeks ago we were on hiatus to watch Wrestlemania, a couple weeks ago I was just plain sick…  Luckily I was feeling well enough to do this show last weekend and it was quite a fun show despite my still being somewhat under the weather at the time.  Thanks in no small part to my friend Quinn who helped out.

In this episode we sort of just hung out and listened to some music, then we started to play some Minecraft on my friends Tekkit Classic Minecracft Server: Eagleworld!

We listened to the music of Raymond Scott, who’s music is famous for being featured in many Looney Toons Cartoons.  He also is possibly one of the first people to ever develop a polyphonic sequencer way back in 1951!

Fun show, enjoy!

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Episode 115: First, the Quite Brütal Conclusion™, then, I hit you with my car… But you’re fine! Honest!!

In this episode we finish playing Brütal Legend and then start playing Runaway: A Road Adventure!


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