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Moving site to HTTPS (UDPATED AGAIN)

Hey all,

I am moving the site to HTTPS to better serve you all.  I am running into what looks like a theme issue somewhere.  I am working on it.  stay tuned.

UPDATE:  I am going to have to take a deeper dive through why I’m  having an issue than I thought to get the site running completely over HTTPS…

For now, I have resigned to configuring WordPress to handle all logins, editing, administration over HTTPS.  In the future I might delete and recreate the site “new” in HTTPS and import exact same data, etc… which would probably fix it.

UPDATE2:  The message board should be working fully over HTTPS now.  Yes, by the way, we have a message board now!  (for anyone that has not checked out some of our other new content 🙂 )

We will be back soon…

Hello friends!

Once again just wanted to say that I am still around.  I hope to return to broadcasting in the next month or two, or sooner if possible.

I’m sorry it has taken so long…

The MIDI Music Adventure Show, and more, will be back soon!

Stay tuned…


Still Here…

Hey all.  Sorry for the extended delay in updates and continuing lack of shows.

I am still in the process of moving all my stuff to my new house.  I have my main computer up and running, but still need to get all the audio equipment over here.

The work continues.

The MIDI Music Adventure Show WILL return…

Stay tuned!


Sorry, no show again today either…

Hey all,

I really wanted to do a show today but I’m just too exhausted from working around the new house. Things are coming along nicely and we should be finally moved in before Christmas.

Stay tuned for updates, we shall return to haunt you! Do you hear me? WE SHALL RETURN!!!


Out today due to PPV and housework..

Sorry all, no show today either.. WE WILL RETURN SOON!!!

Survivor Series is tonight and we are gonna be catching that.

Moving into the new house is still progressing well.

Stay tuned!