I got access to the Diablo 3 beta!!!  Enjoy a play-through of it with the Barbarian character class and some of my commentary on the differences with previous games.

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Now, on the off chance anyone from Blizzard reads my little site here.  A few suggestions, mostly minor user interface changes.

First, the main login screen does not seem to show a blinking text cursor until you start typing, that’s kind of annoying as you may end up typing in the wrong area.

Second, unless I missed a setting that accommodates this.  I do not like it when I change or select a new spell and it replaces my “Left Mouse” spell in an instance where it should not.  This is hard to explain…  I’ll just say I would prefer an option to not have the game change my action bar, short of removing/replacing “disabled or switched” spells.  (This is different than what I describe above)

Third, I think the red highlighting of my “target” is a bit too overstated/bright/something, and it detracts from the artwork in my opinion.  When there is already an information block at the top of the screen for whatever enemy I highlight, a bright red border around my enemy is not really needed.  I think an option to set a transparency level of the enemy targeting highlight could work great.

Other than that minor stuff, this looks like it’s going to be a fun game!