Hi all.. Still here.  Hoping to finally make some updates/changes/refreshes around here this year!  Stay tuned…

The last several years have been a doozy!  Frankly more than I could really go into  Needless to say Family and Work has occupied most of my time.

But to go over some somewhat on-topic things to discuss here’s a bit of what I’ve been doing over the last several years;  I’ve spent a large amount of time on several different things I hope to share down the road.

  • I’ve built two full-height racks to house all of my audio/midi gear and some of my computers with a nice desk in the middle.
  • Spent a lot of time playing with Raspberry Pi’s
    • I have an “MT-32 Pi” which is really cool, but sadly misplaced it.. ..  It must be around here somewhere…
    • I have a dosbox setup that plays many games with which I’ve dabbled in creating a basic menu system to allow selection of various MIDI Emulations (like MT-32/MUNT) and real midi hardware.
  • I’ve been quite busy with retro/console gaming and emulation.
    • Raspberry Pi:  RetroPie – both standard rPi’s and things like the Retroflag GPi handheld.
    • Have collected a respectable amount of official Retro/Mini consoles most of which have been modded by now.
      • NES Classic, SNES Classic, Genesis Mini 1 & 2, NeoGeo Mini, NeoGeo Arcade Stick Pro, Playstation Classic, TurboGrafx 16 Mini, Sega Astro City Mini (original and Vertical Version), Taito Egret 2 Mini.  The Nintendo Game & Watch Mario & Zelda variants.  FUN!
    • PC-based Retrogaming build based on the INCREADIBLE VirtualMan Retro-Bliss Level Up 3.5
  • Loving the Valve Steam Deck and Emu-Deck.
  • Spending time with my family
  • Amateur Photography

That’s all for now.  Hoping to update more frequently going forward.