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Episode 37: Simon Says MIDI! Part 2

Very fun show!  Everything worked like it was supposed to.  We continue the play-through of Simon the Sorcerer, as well as some other fun MIDI things.  Enjoy!

Download the Podcast!

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GS Reset

Need to reset your GS compatible MIDI device?  Use this simple midi file to do it the easy way!  Just download and play it in Windows Media Player or your favorite SYSEX COMPATIBLE MIDI file player and you should be all set!

GS RESET (you might want to “Save Target as…”)

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Episode 27.5: The Late Night MIDI Adventure Show!

I did a show in Arfy’s time-slot, as he was unable to that week because of bandwidth caps.

I played some MIDI Music, MOD Music, and the soundtrack to Grim Fandango, and a couple other surprises on impulse.

Unfortunately, the first half-hour of the recording was a bit botched with audio anomalies, pops and stuff.  :*(

I did a bit of filtering to make it more passable, as the show was pretty fun and I wanted to post it.

Again, sorry the first half-hour doesn’t sound so great, but the rest is pretty good!  I promise!

Download the Podcast!

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Episode 10: Hitting the Road with Sam & Max!

Just realized I forgot to post the last week’s show!  But, I remember why.  I’m posting it against my better judgement, the recording is pretty botched, I don’t know why..   Icecast hate’s me maybe…

It appears there is some kind of bug with the Standalone OddCast encoder I use saving the archive, it skips sometimes which is a real bummer.  Correction, IT SKIPS A LOT, and I am really annoyed about this.  I will try to figure out what it is for next time.

So, I apologize for when the podcast recording may appear to skip.  It doesn’t get really bad until the last 10 minutes

This was a pretty fun episode though, we had a few guests on teamtalk join in which was cool.  We played through some “Sam & Max Hit the Road”.  I think we will continue this weekend.

Download the MP3!

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Episode 2: Doom Day!

Tonight, we revisited the music of the games Doom and Doom 2. All the tracks played were remixed by me using my Roland SC-8850 synthesizer.  Additionally, an archive of all the music can be downloaded below.

This was a pretty fun show, excluding some minor technical problems that cut the show a few minutes short towards the end.  Luckily, for the most part, the archive recording came out with very few of the glitches I was hearing live.



The MIDI Music Adventure Show!  Episode 2:  Doom Day!

Download the “Doom Revisited” MP3 Collection. (In 7-Zip format)

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