Ahoy mateys!

Today we celebrate our independence from boredom!  We harken back, to a land, a time, most perilous…  The golden age of piracy on the high seas!  Ha-har!

Aye, twas a time when your wit had to be at least thirty-two sixteenths as sharp as your blade, lest you be a victim of a routine keelhauling or scaphism by your peers!

Arrgh, the freedom that be the sea, treasure huntery, swashbuckling adventure, and —Look behind you!  A Three-Headed Monkey!  

That’s right folks!  In our “Pirate Pilot” episode of the MIDI Music Adventure Show!  We cover the awesome music of “The Secret of Monkey Island” in it’s MT-32 form, among other things.

Happy Independence Day, and I hope you enjoy the show!

Download the MP3!