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A Quick Little Zeliard Remix with Roland Cloud!

Howdy all.

As always, sorry for the lack of frequent updates on the site. I know it seems like an empty promise, but I am always trying to find more time to put into the site here. Life just keeps one occupied elsewhere sometimes…

Anyway… I was recently having a some fun with the awesome Roland Cloud! Loving the D-50 virtual synth. I’ve compared it side-by-side to my real one and I can’t tell the difference!

Here is a quick little remix from Zeliard using mainly the Roland D-50 with some Virtual Sound Canvas, and TR-909; All virtual instruments from Roland Cloud.

Download the MP3


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Episode 20: The Tripple A Christmas Spectacular!

Great show!  Almost four and a half hours long!  Did a whole bunch of Christmas related things, listing them all would take too long!

I’m joined by Arfy and Alex this time so we dub the episode The Tripple A Christmas Spectacular!

Only a few mishaps in this one, at one point I don’t realize that my Instant Messenger sounds are going across the show, which causes some confusion and humor.  The sound cards failed me only once so I proceed to curse, scream, and complain then eventually restart the stream.

Overall a very fun show!

Enjoy, and  Merry Christmas!

Download the MP3!

PS: You’re probably wondering what happened to the missing episodes… I realize I’ve skipped a few episodes in the archive here, and as usual, I apologize for that.  I may post the lost episodes at a later time, unfortunately they are all compromised in one way or another at this time.

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Episode 15: Absence Makes the Show Grow Longer!

Fun show!  We ran for about 3.7 hours!  Played the Complete King’s Quest 5 MT-32 soundtrack, and had a bunch of people join in on TeamTalk this week as well as a few other fun surprises!

You are probably wondering why we skipped to episode 15… Due to some unfortunate technical problems, I was unable to record the last couple shows. 

That seems to mostly be fixed.  Though the last little bit of this show displayed the same problem that I just can’t seem to shake off.  Maybe it’s time to upgrade to something better than the Delta 1010’s?  For the most part the podcast recorded great, except for like the last 10 minutes where it went a bit static.

Anyway, enjoy!

Download the MP3:  Episode 15: Absence Makes the Show Grow Longer!

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Episode #7: No Clever Name Here!

Our longest show yet!  Three Hours!  We started with some funny stuff, NES DPCM converted recordings.  We played around with the Roland PMA-5 which was a lot of fun.  We had a fair amount of guests show up on TeamTalk which was really cool.

Though there were a couple hiccups, involving TeamTalk, when some idiots that didn’t know how to configure their computers connected, causing some annoying noise.  We muted and kicked them.  Then again, when TeamTalk crashed for a few people, myself included.

All in all, it was a very fun show.  Enjoy!

Download the MP3!

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Episode #6: Random MIDI Randomness!

 This was a fun but somewhat random show.  Chris, Arfy, and I pretty much played whatever tickled our fancy and chatted.  The main synopsis of this show is that it is very difficult to host a show AND try to remix a song at the same time, at least for me.  :)

Also, I apologize for our mic’s being a bit hot in this show.  Apparently I accidentally turned them up on the recording mixer.  Anyway, enjoy!


Download the MP3!

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