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Episode 37: Simon Says MIDI! Part 2

Very fun show!  Everything worked like it was supposed to.  We continue the play-through of Simon the Sorcerer, as well as some other fun MIDI things.  Enjoy!

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Episode 36: Simon Says MIDI!!! Part 1

Fun show!  Fixed my technical problems from the previous show.

In this episode we start playing Simon the Sorcerer in ScummVM and do other fun random things!


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Episode 35: Talking to Myself; Or Am I???

Posting this show against my better judgement…  I didn’t realize that I was not transmitting TeamTalk over the stream until after the show!  GRR!

Just another reason more people should IM us, join us on TeamTalk, and/or I should get a damn phone patch!

Anyway, enjoy me talking to myself like a crazy insane person for a couple hours!

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GS Reset

Need to reset your GS compatible MIDI device?  Use this simple midi file to do it the easy way!  Just download and play it in Windows Media Player or your favorite SYSEX COMPATIBLE MIDI file player and you should be all set!

GS RESET (you might want to “Save Target as…”)

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