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Episode 68: Just Playing Some Tunes…

It was Superbowl Sunday and I felt like doing a show and playing some tunes while I was listening to the game.  Go Giants!  They won Woohoo!

Enjoy the tunes!

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Episode 67: Back to the Future: The Game: Episode 5 and Randomness!

We finish the final episode of Back to the Future: The Game!  Afterword, all manner of randomness ensues.  We try out some freeware MIDI Softsynths and some other things.

Fun show!


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Episode 47: Surveillance File: Subject 427

Fun show!  In this episode we play a game called The Stanley Parable!  Then we start The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition.

We also played various midi music for Roland GS and Yamaha XG, and I attempt again to play Wing Commander!

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Episode 3: Andrew’s MIDI Scramble!

Last night was a bit of a scramble for me.  I wasn’t able to prepare for the show properly due to some real life circumstances.  However, we got through listening to a bunch of my different synthesizers playing some of the same tracks to see how they compared in General MIDI sound.

Most of the comparisons were not really intended to be very objective, just a showcase of how the different synths may play things.  I might try to do something more objective in the future.

Overall, I think the show turned out OK.  It’s a very raw show with me running about plugging in different synths.  I forgot to lay in some background beds when I was just talking, I’ll try to remember that in the future, and always have something for background.

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